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20 Abrupt Endings

This is a collection of old, unfinished projects that I have made between the ages of 15 and 18. Today, I have decided to show all of them to you with only one goal: find which ones among those storylines deserve to be continued. As you play, I would really enjoy it if you could comment on this page and tell me which of those games you like, which ones angered you, and in general react to the way I used to code when I was younger.

Play alone or with a friend. Do your best not to become frustrated, as none of those games have an ending.
But if you like one of those stories and want to know what will happen next, feel free to ask me nicely and I might provide you with an ending.

An ending you will deserve.

List of games:

1 player games:

  • DEX (RPG)
  • Doki doki panic 2 (platformer)
  • Eternalchronicles (3D adventure)
  • Hashi le terroriste (arcade)
  • Hollow world (3D strategy)
  • Incarnation (3D adventure)
  • Jump Shoot Run (RPG)
  • Just another week (3D Third person shooter)
  • Pixelfighter (arcade)
  • Probabilis (puzzle)
  • Terminally (platformer)
  • The cheater (platformer)
  • They were the people (3D RPG)
  • Velvet (arcade)

2 player games:

  • Castle Fight (VS strategy)
  • Kingdom of tuu (Co-op adventure)
  • Maneru Bros (Co-op platformer)
  • Mouse VS keyboard (VS strategy)
  • Smashwars (VS fighting)
  • The mushroom wars (VS platformer)

Install instructions

Warning: if a game prompts you to install Directplay (on windows versions higher than 7) then just skip the installation, it serves no purpose. Also those games might not work on windows 8 because of sound issues. Also extracting everything before playing fixes most issues.


20-abrupt-endings.zip 62 MB