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Two games, one story is quite an interesting concept! It would be awesome if you could play in both stories with the same game (the game detects if it's open in another window, if it is it plays the side story with the wizard).  I'll make sure to check out the rest of the branching corpses games, they sound like an interesting bunch.

That was interesting. I'm not familiar with the whole 'branching corpses' idea, but a game where you play as side 1 in one browser and side 2 in another browser is definitely unique, and  a lot of fun once you get used to the switching. Solid A game!

Thanks for playing :) I suggest you try playing the rest of the series when you have time. Also we are hosting a jam from june 8th to june 16th if you feel like taking part:

At first I got a little confused when first interacting with the game, but as the story develops I found myself amused with the antics of the characters and (SPOILER ALERT) the fourth wall breaking.

A little nice experience with the extra accessibility of being playable from a browser!

thanks for playing :) I try to make all my games browser-compatible.