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simple and amazing!!!

thanks for playing :)

AAAH!!! I love this so much! This simple concept really pulls me in, and the story is great so far! It's challenging, but fun. 

Ok I probably know the answer but I can't help myself. I'd like to make music for this game to add to the mood. If you accept, we can negotiate a payment (I'm thinking just access to the first tier of your Patreon) I have lots of experience in digital music and I'd be really happy to help!


Hey! Sorry but I usually make my own music :) I just didn't have time to make any fir this jam game.


Yeah, I thought you'd say that. I look forward to your full version of the game in the future!!

I probably won't finish this one X) I've moved on to other projects since then, sorry!

Brilliant idea! I wondered how one can make such a simple task interesting, now I know. Great job!

This was a fun puzzle, I'm looking forward to what you do with this idea.

Some constructive feedback and ideas:
I think giving a bottom or side tray to put tiles in might help with trying to move multiple tiles around to a spot off camera, or organizing a pile.

Maybe also instead of making the table fully scroll-able, cutting it up into screens you can go up/down/left/right on might make navigation easier.

Maybe you have to make matches based on visual genetics, in a way like that board game 'Guess Who'
Instead of always having who someone's parents are, there is an unknown but you can work it from parents with an unknown child both having red hair, and an unknown person having red hair. Or you can be given some old family photos to go off of, or some legal document showing a name change, or only having initials.


Thanks for the suggestions! I'll see if I can implement some of them in a future version :)

I kinda checked this out just out of curiosity but found myself pulled in. I really like the way the story is laid out and await the full version!


I'll try to find a good time to work on it!

Super jeu, j'ai réussi à arriver à la fin de la démo où je penses la suite est procédurale. Vraiment incroyable comme idée, un sacré bazar tout ça ^^


merci :) j('espère finir ce jeu un jour!


this is kinda confusing but also fun! very nice


thx for playing!

you're welcome!

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V1 teaches you the importance of following the order of parents' names. Otherwise, in the next level, you'll have to rearrange the tree and cry.


Good deduction :)


Too late, already crying