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I'm not sure what I played here but I think I liked it? I think? honestly idk what's happening.

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are u a femboy yet (I believe that's what the goal of the game is)

I can't really tell because my gender's been doing the cha cha slide at 10x speed for like several years now.

seems intended. Godspeed!

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my brain did 10 backflips and 2 barrel rolls trying to understand what's happening, i rate this 11 floridamen riding crocodiles out of 2 australian spiders


Good game but I'm gay now wtf


it happens a lot!


love this.


5310 ! wow that was so fast!

nice score :)

I'm French now hon hon hon boulangerie jambon



You want the baguette.



what on earth did i just play XD XD

Good score!
You just played Hypnodrive :)



Hi tanks for This gamme!  

The visual are very intiristing, but the gameplay are basic. 

a good moment for me.

Glad you had a good moment :)


4464 first try, also WTF ?!? 

Did play fluently though, so it was kinda nice.

Btw, is it me or is the angle of viewing not centered? Is that on purpose? It's really annoying (apart from the other annoying annoyances).


assume that everything is done on purpose to add to the distablizing feel :p




oh lord X)

i wont be able to play this


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dont worry i will be able play it if it doesn't crash for me


Nice job :)

This was an experience! ヾ(〃^∇^)ノ

Glad you liked it :)




put what down? ._.

the car


Ah yes sorry *gently places 4ton car back on the ground*


thank you😍

heres the invite to squid game 8.7🔖🔖🔖


so fast. died to a snail tryign to read what the hampster said. it was homosex

don't read and drive!


you WILL die. (billboards know this )


i have a need for speed and a love of snail . this is th game of all times

I hope you also have a love of exploding snails!


I will protect snail. i will never game over and will play Hypnodrive (2021) available now on itch dot io for the rest of my life


Very trippy!


so fast


da ride of ur life.....