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I need to speedrun this anybody wanna race m?

i love me some reptar, very nice game

thx :)

man that dragon(?) sure is thicc

also managed to beat it damageless.



nice job :D


Why have i never played this in a year

there are other things to do I guess :o

Why have I played this twelve times?

Very Fun Game!

i very liked the end :)

Wow this was cool with the behind monster moving and with the random attacks, and the final punch lol. Suggestions i can give are explain all the commands and say that we are supposed to go right and not left lol. Good work

Thanks for playing :) Also sorry I only had 3 hours which is not enough to add things like a tutorial. I instead had to rely on the description.


Super ce genre de jeu parodique !

merci :D


Magnifique comme toujours, ingénieux, décalé et fun !

Content que ça te plaise :)


Fun! I didn't realize right off the bat that I could swim, but once I got moving between islands I did pretty good. Made it to the end with a bit of health to spare. Fun take on the idea, and really impressed that you did it in 3 hours!

It's a good thing I have music prepared before the jam, it helped a lot!


Recently evolved Incineroar punches wingless Flygon.

did it break type matchups


I see you added a theme to the page. My eyes are pleased.

i dont know what this is but i like it

lol i punched it in the face 2

punching is fun!

heck yes its fun i do it to my brother everyday!


Took me a while to realise there was more than one island but then I punched Reptar in the face

Congrats on your victory!