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"you win" what do i win, a crashed computer?

you win frames

Putting aside the theme of GBTK, the gameplay is very cool (hitting a wall doesn't mean you have to restart) and the one sound effect is nice.

Story is a bit hard to grasp, though 🙃 and it's easy to make the game lag on big levels although only if you are trying.

This is probably the shortest real game I have ever played which I think is good since I had fun during the less-than-2-minutes it took me to finish it. Now you only have to make 60 games like this one so I can have fun during 2 hours.


My next objective is to make a game that people play for longer than the time it took me to make it.

A game that would be fun to play then of course! Otherwise it sounds evil ;-;

ah yes i'll try to not forget that part.

0/10 is already too much.


40 years too soon

why ._.

Actually amazing game why does this exist.

this exists because youtube is bad.


this very good game

i play all the time

pls more


np i gib more l8r