A pacmen battle royale!

Made in about 2 hours for training.

Android port by Poison Apple (@Andr3wRiv3rs)

This game is not sold, will not be sold, I don't plan on making any money from it. It's a meme game based on current trends.


  • WASD/arrow keys: move
  • escape: restart game


100 pacmen_exe.zip 2 MB
00pacmen-debug.3434810.3.apk 2 MB


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ahahah noice!1 :^))))

I need to make more of those :o

Great job! I had fun playing this game but there were a few bugs/issues I found
1.) sometimes when I would collide with an enemy I would glitch through a wall (don't know if that was intentional).

2.) when there were only a few Pac-men left it became more harder to find the others so I would suggest some sort of mini map or since this is a battle royal, some sort of "storm".

Other than that I would say you have done a great job combining an old retro game with some modern trend into it and I hope you the best with development!

This took me like 2 hours to make :p it's still a demo, so I'll fix bugs tomorrow and maybe add a few features!