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A  scary adventure game made in 2010 for the single-button competition on yoyogames.

Controls: Arrows and SPACE only. when you have a weapon, aim down or double tap down to unequip it. Other powerups will be revealed along the way.

The story behind this game: This is a very old project which I've put my soul into. It showcases the best and the worst of what indie games made in Gamemaker used to be like: horrible optimization, a bunch of stolen art and over-reliance on midi files. Connoisseurs will also note the use of "treat uninitialized variables as value 0."

This was made in a simpler time where everything was allowed when making your indie game. Copyright laws were unheard of, and you could get away with the laziest fangames and crossovers. At that time I made a game called "ACII OC_" (title may or may not be explained in-game) which had way more content than any projects I attempt these days. This game always reminds me of my gamedev childhood which was later ruined by Nintendo and DMCAs.

It also has speedrun strats, so try beating it as fast as possible!


  • An occult language to decipher
  • Zombies with unique abilities
  • Hours of exploration (make sure to draw a map)
  • An EVA-02 mech suit
  • The default gamemaker explosion sprite
  • Stolen midi music (which I unfortunately had to convert to MP3 for compatibility)
  • Grammar (or lack thereof)
  • Hidden text logs (reach the crystal depths to unlock them)


ACII OC_.zip 101 MB

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