As requested, here is a realistic war simulator. This game was made in about 7 hours after hearing about the battlefield V box art "controversy". It seems that according to some, women on the battlefield are historically inaccurate and unrealistic. So I tried making a realistic trench war experience. Have fun!


Features: A realistic trench-war experience



  • WASD: move
  • left click: shoot
  • Space bar: interact


Special thanks to Elaine, my one and only patron.


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the fact that in this realistic war simulator the "dead" character can still talk, implies that he is not dead but in fact crippled for life.

yes but then he dies anyway

it is also possible the hearing loss of the other soldiers caused his crippled, limp body to be buried alive as his talking was unheard.


wait respawning isn't real?

it was all a scam.