There's no time to explain! You've been teleported to the final battle, the end of the world. Your soul is merged with those of other heroes. Together, you'll be fighting the end of times!

What is this?

This game was made in 48 hours for GMTK 2021. The theme was "Joined Together", so I decided to make a game where all your characters move together with the same set of inputs. This game is somewhat mobile compatible!


  • WASD/Arrow keys/tap side of the screen: move
  • X/Spacebar/Shift/tap middle of the screen: stay in place
  • F4: Fullscreen (windows only)


Full OST:

Source code is included, you'll need Game maker Studio 2.3 to open it.


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As one against our 13 MB
As one against our 17 MB


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is sniper girl an early version of sharp?



extremely unique feels like a cool version of chess was super annoying to get the right formation i love it


I cannot stress how good this game is for being so small

thanks :)


so what are all the class names?


Shovelless knight


definitely not a furry

sniper girl


agent jon

the intern

the monk



which one is madoka? also lol to the apparent official third name

the witch with fireballs!


YES!!! I've been waiting for a full game with the "tu castle/mi castle" mechanics from long ago! It's procedurally generated, too! Love it!

Yeah, I had stopped the "tu castle es mi castle" project coz it was going nowhere, but reusing the concept for a game jam was a great experience :)

Deleted post

When you say card guy you mean the intern? he's amazing yes :)

Deleted post

it's fine, I don't think reporting does much.
The "card" is supposed to be a cell phone :p

Deleted post

i was wondering if it was a coffee or not. and damn how does an intern become the best class?

I just keep coming back to this game. This has got to be my all-time favourite game on itch. Fantastic work.


this is probably the most replayable game I have out there, I'm glad people find their way in :)
I myself have been replaying it a lot, trying different character combinations by sacrificing different ones lol

Awesome game! Loved the simple, yet complex,  leveling mechanic :)

thanks for playing :)

Deleted post



A full-fledged adventure game with infinite replayability thanks to the many levels, characters, and enemies?? In a 48 hour game jam??? With such gorgeous pixel art and music????

Amazing job y'all!! I had a blast playing it.

thanks a lot for the stream :)



Sniper best girl

Very fun! Nice mix of puzzle and combat

All of it is procedurally generated for endless fun!


this was a blast! I love positioning based tactics games, and this one offers such a fun variety :)


Thanks for playing! Make sure to check other jam games on my itch page as well :)

It's a really good game but connection to theme was too lazyly done

that is true! This is actually a game I've wanted to make for quite a while without ever finding the occasion, and the theme just struck me as appropriate for this so I dug out some old design notebooks I had :p


Awesome game! I could play hours

I spent way too long playtesting this, very addictive X)


Love this little game, I think this is one of your bests! thank you for asking me to make the soundtrack, it was a pleasure as always. Here's to many plays!


Thanks for taking part in this and making those amazing tunes :)


Nice game! Congrats for this jam entry! :)


hey! A new build is available if you're interested in trying it! Game can be finished.