This game is mobile compatible!

This is a 1 hour parody of Card Hog, made by Snoutup

You are a pig, and In my version of the game  you try to kill as many wolves as possible for money. Share your high scores here, and make sure to check the original game linked above! I also submitted it to trijam 104 with the theme: "Who let the wolves out" (yes wolves are just big dogs.


  • Click a card next to the hog to move there.
  • F4: fullscreen (windows only)

Game Maker Studio 2.3 source code is available!


Download 126 kB
Download 2 MB


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This is pretty rad, especially for a 1-hour roguelike!

thank you :) please share it around if you liked it and also support the original game!




it happens

Fun, and original. Would love to see this expanded on.

I need to find someone with GMS2 who will expand on my source code then X)

(3 edits) (+1)

Current highest score: 20 930


i got 1191