This game was made in 72 hours for the game jam.

If ever you're stuck, just watch this full playthrough video: 

You play as a lone individual during a lockdown. Zombies are everywhere, but don't worry! The government will handle everything. Just stay inside for 2 weeks, and order your necessities online. (An armored delivery service has been installed in your neighborhood.) Beware, however, as things pile up in your house due to your hoarding instincts.

Oh and also, don't leave the house. Just stay inside. A lockdown may bring many opportunities!


  • WASD/Arrow keys: move
  • R: restart day
  • F4: fullscreen (windows only)
  • You may also use the mouse (or tap the screen on mobile) to perform actions.


  • Two weeks of lockdown (at best)
  • Sokoban-style mechanics
  • Zombies waiting for hugs outside
  • Dynamic music selection
  • Entropy
  • Two languages (French and English)

Game maker studio 2 source code is available to download



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lockdown opportunities GMS2 12 MB
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Great game. I really wanted to escape, so instead running down, I runned up the house.  There is literally nothing. Just though I will get secret ending but instead that, player character dissapeared after moving just a bit above house.... and when I go down it appears again. Strange so no one else said it in comments before lol.

ah yes, I didn't have time to test "going north" X)

heres an idea, through finding a series of secrets you can get a gun and a third ending from shooting zombies

I had plans for that initially but since this was for a game jam I didn't have time to add it in :/

Whelp, I made it to 27 before I ended up going insane. Really good!

Congrats on making it this far :)

question, is there a third ending if you go out far enough from your home?

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Nope, didn't have time to code one in but currently if you leave the house you just eventually get eaten unless you manage to go back inside.

BTW if you're looking for more content, I recommend you join my discord server:


Amazing game, some of it was pretty tough to work out but I puzzled good and got through it.

There were lots of great jokes in it and good pacing between the hard levels and the easy levels. Thoroughly a pleasant experience to play.

Was quite funny playing it so long after release actually, because it's kind of a time capsule. I totally forgot that everybody was obsessed with Animal Crossing a few months ago.


oh right where did AC even go? 0.o


Everyone playing Fall Guys Among Us now


I remember playing this non game, this can't be a real game because it's so good, on newgrounds. still a good game no matter what 


you can't be a real person either because you're nice :o

i really like level 12, it's so similar to real life. is there a real ending or is it just infinite? sorry, i can't watch youtube so idk

there are 40 levels :)

ok, thank you! i think i got up to day 9 without tv like when you get a new tv (sorry this probably doesn't make any sense!)

it does :)


there are problems with the VR game generation

I know right, such a lazy generation tbh


more seriously: remember that the VR games are generated according to the layout of your room, so you need to move some blocks before starting the game :)


i know but you may get stuck sometime, not like "without a clear path" kind of way but the collision is a little bit glitchy

if ever you get stuck here's a full playthrough video:

oh I looked for a walkthrough before but I could not find it, good job for finding one even though I beat the game bro!

Is there actually something you can get to outside or is it just put there to bait people into dying.

it's just bait :p


Well made, good theme and most of all, fun to play. Good progression as well with nice treats like the VR minigame. Got to level 10 and then my brain failed. Well done.

If ever you're stuck, there's a full playthrough in the description that you can watch :)

Aw cool, thanks :)

Aw cool, thanks :)

I had fun with the game. Only made it to day 7 but it's pretty lit during this crazy time.

Ah, you missed the VR game on day 7 X)

Glad this lit your day!

I was playing it late at night. I'm not a trooper. I'm sorry lol.

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Ce jeu est une pépite mais en plus il a été fait en 72h. 

Rien à dire à part '' excellent '' 

GG a vous 2 !

merci :)

Ce jeu est juste trop bien !! 

Le level design est inspiré et la difficulté bien dosée !!

bravo !

Merci :) j'ai adoré ton jeu aussi!

All that dialogue when you die is annoying af

That's why you're not actually supposed to die :p

Just stay inside.

It's kind of tricky, but I really like it. Good job!


Thanks :) I'll be working on a post-jam version with some fixes.