This is Pikmin, but I made it in only 1 hour. If you want some background music while you play, click this.

Game Maker Studio 2 Source code is uncluded if you want to finish my game!

  • Controls: WASD/arrow keys/left click: move
  • Hold left click to move pikmins around
  • Press R to restart game.


Download 134 kB
Download 2 MB


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Why does the background turn green?

coz it's almost night!


yes it's not pkmn this time!

Got to a hundred pikmin. Game has been won



thx :)

can you make should knight?

if you mean "Shovel Knight" then yes I can try :)

ehm yes.. but make randome room


Simple and fun! You're really good at making games fast!!!


Thanks for playing it :)

or minecraft ?


could you make terraria in one hour?

I could make some kind of block-based platform game in one hour, yes. I never played terraria though so i'd have to research it beforehand!


this is not pokemon lol