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are you going to update this? (please do it if you can)

probably not X) it was just a very short project


I Got Assaulted By Bulborbs ;-;


It happens

Now Make Pikmin 2 In 2 Hours!

I don't have a second player at home though


Just Control The Second Player By Adding The Ability To Switch Captains!


i killed a bulborb and the 10 pellet it dropped got stuck in a stone :/ good game tho




For one hour this was great. The only thing that was a problem is you can go outside the map boundaries. Which can make it kind of confusing.


Why does the background turn green?


coz it's almost night!



yes it's not pkmn this time!

Got to a hundred pikmin. Game has been won



thx :)

can you make should knight?


if you mean "Shovel Knight" then yes I can try :)

ehm yes.. but make randome room


Simple and fun! You're really good at making games fast!!!


Thanks for playing it :)

or minecraft ?


could you make terraria in one hour?

I could make some kind of block-based platform game in one hour, yes. I never played terraria though so i'd have to research it beforehand!


this is not pokemon lol


its not supposed to be pokemon its pikmin