Warning: this game contains mature subjects and coarse language, and is therefore not recommended for children.

You were tasked by THE CLAW to gather illegal items across the lands (they have a white outline, don't miss them!). Report all your friends to the godly authority until everyone is nice again!

Left + Right: run
Space/Up: Jump
Shift/Down: Empathy
R: Restart current room
Enter/M: toggle map

Programming, Design, Story:
Adrien Dittrick (twitter.com/AdrienDittrick)

Art, Music:
June Flower (twitter.com/juneflowa)
You can listen to the soundtrack for free here: june-flower.bandcamp.com/album/saccharine-playground-ost

Made in 12 days for Indiepocalypse Issue #3

PlatformsWindows, HTML5
Rated 4.6 out of 5 stars
(24 total ratings)
Authorsadriendittrick, June Flower
GenreAdventure, Platformer, Puzzle
Made withGameMaker, FL Studio, Aseprite
Tags2D, Cute, Metroidvania, Neon, pastel, Pixel Art, Singleplayer, weird
Average sessionAbout an hour


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first ever game i played on itch.io 
experience of a lifetime.
Time to go through the pain that is speedrunning it

oh wow, please send the video when you do :)


Out of curiosity, is it just retconned in that someone possessed by an Outer God loses their memory and ceases to be their own person, or are people like Nikolai just special like that?

It's fun to go back to these [BTNverse] (not sure what that's short for) games to see how TWR has built on the lore

Nikolai was specifically created by THE CLAW to host outer gods, unlike regular humans who are not really made for that.

Huh, although what about people like the (now) God of Thieves? They have conversations (although we as the outer gods can't see their side of the conversation) and seem to have plans of their own. I'm also still curious about what "BTN" is short for!

most characters possessed by outer gods still have plans of their own, actually! BTN stands for "Back To Nothing"

Ohh, interesting! Do people possessed by outer gods remain aware of what's happening, essentially suffering from locked in syndrome until we leave? I guess that explains how Ran came up with a plan for the S1 finale, although I guess a lot of it was preplanning before we turned up!

Either way, I'm rather happy with the worldbuilding you've done with the btnverse!

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hey there :) I've filled it out a week ago I think, did it not get through?


Oh, you're right. Sorry I'm really tired lately so when you put something in the jam I only checked the most recent stuff. I'm sorry, I've been struggling with a lot lately. x_x

it happens :) I hope you get through whatever you're struggling with!

This is a veryyyyy good platformer 


thanks :) it was very fun to design!


aaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaand i did speedrun

woah, show me! Do you have a video link?

my mum says i'm not allowed youtube even though im 16

i have to wait 'til I'm 20

thats what she says

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once i am i will show you ok?



(1 edit)

ya 18
2 more years

cant wait





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Is The Claw supposed to be like a cruel god or something? I'm confused.


That's the idea, yes!
The spiteful god of this world who wants everything to be perfect but keeps creating imperfect things according to its own satndards and is cruel to them.


Thanks for the clarification! I love this game.


MONTHS of playing your games, and only now do I realize "Outer Gods" means the players. Amazing work on this, and I love the art and soundtrack as well.


Congratulations on your amazing discovery :) and thanks for the nice review! Check June Flower's accounts for more art like this!


So, first off, i really liked the game. Great art and music combine into great atmosphere and which having a cool twist turns into a beautiful game.

Also, i don't know if this is meant to be a "secret shortcut" but both of the rooms next to the claw can be cheesed:

 To cheese the top one you need to pick up Zoomoo in the room to the left and fall into the hole in the ceiling.
And to cheese the room left of the claw you need to get Zoomoo in the level below (which is by extension the top level) and and drop into the altar room (you will be under bottle debuff but you can still jump into the altar). The only sad part is that the second one skips the scene as you will come crashing out of the zone afterwards.


All cheeses are intended :)


Came back to this because I didn't know what the hell I was doing last time I played lol. Made a lot more sense once I'd managed to find and pick up the first item.

Cool puzzles, great story and atmosphere. The final level was quite hard but I guess it was supposed to be. My favourite character was the sassy bat. 


mine was victor (for the end bit)


for as much of a jerk as victor was, he redeemed himself in the final bit.