This is a browser game that heavily relies on the gamejolt API to function, which means that for some reason it won't work on itch. Please play it on Gamejolt instead:

What is this?

"Stake the Heavens" is a multiplayer online game where you play as a familiar (or group of familiars) summoned to solve a dark mystery surrounding a peaceful village in a forest.  One of the townspeople has started a ritual to cause the end of the world. Your goal is to find who the culprit is by collecting clues in the forest, then stake them in a ritual to the outer gods!

The game will get harder and harder as you play. When you die 9 times or collect 5 clues, the final ritual will start. Pray to the gods that you're ready when it happens.

This game was made for the Scream Solstice jam


  • WASD/Arrow keys: move
  • Left click: shoot
  • Spacebar: interact with townspeople
  • Enter: online chatroom


Coding: myself (Adrien Dittrick)

Graphics by June Flower : 

Music also by June Flower:


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Remember to please play this one on gamejolt!