• R: restart level if you get stuck (very important)
  • WASD/Arrow keys: move
  • S/Down: pick up key / drop key
  • Space/shift/left click: hold to tilt key
  • F4: fullscreen (windows only)

What is this?

This game was made for the GMTK jam 2019, with the theme "only one". What I made is a metroidvania where you only have one key for all the locks. You must carry it with you through a maze-like dungeon, and upgrade it along the way to unlock more metaphorical locks.

Here is a map in case you get lost:

The story:

You're in search of the legendary Keymaster who will save the world. But upon arriving in his dungeon, you only find his most prized possession, the master key. It can open any lock and can be upgraded with various musical clefs which you will find along the way. Albeit twice your size, the key can be easily carried because it is made of carbon fiber mythrill, the hardest but also lightest material known to man. However, you must account for its huge size when moving around, turning the dungeon into a puzzle.


  • Puzzles
  • A fully-backtrackable dungeon
  • 14 rooms
  • 3 unlockable powers for your key
  • 10 jewels you must collect to reach the ending
  • Music from "The horrors before our time"



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The 7 MB

Development log


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atk. up, jump boost, hook, and ult. form

very form :)

Amazing game!

thanks for playing :)

Cool Game!

thanks for playing :)

small exploit, you can restart with key in hand

problem? if rats steal it as soon as you grab the key you can teleport out of there without having to walk all the way back

Ah right, didn't get this exploit. Will see.

somehow I feel really bad for you.
Sincere condolences!

wait why, what happened?

You didnt rate first in the Jam back then, not even Top 20 :'-(


ehh the voting was frauded by people who have big followings anyway :p

I love the way it ends :-)

Somehow always reminds me of the key master and the gate master in the ghostbusters movie :-D


oh I don't remember those :o

I should probably rewatch the movie!

Really clever idea!

I love the mice. The way they smile as they run away with the key. The way they don't return to their original position after stealing it, so that the level gradually gets easier as I deplete the mice. The one (two?) gems they guard where you don't actually need the key, so you can just walk past the mice keyless.

The music is excellent. I like the more and more epic versions that play as (1) I get an upgrade (2) I reach the final area (3) I get the ending. Very nicely done. And it's clever how you fade in and out with slight variations on the song depending on whether I have the key or not.

The final area is lovely and the ending is very satisfying.

(I lost the key to a bug in the red area, but restarted anyway because I was enjoying it and wanted to see where you were going.)

Thanks a lot for the nice review :)

wanna fix that first spawn point after getting the last upgrade? >:-(

Aaah I forgot to do this and am running out of time for fixes. Maybe tomorrow X)


The spawn point is NOW fixed :D thx for reminding me.

god, this game was amazing! :O
especially the very last upgrade!
I like this. :-)

how to get stuck:
(i think it's the first room on the uppr right)
you know the room with 3 parallel floors?
an upper one with no spikes, middle one with short spikes and lowest one with many spikes?

yep, enter that room from the right.
drop key.
die in the spikes.

the key respawned on its spot on the left side of the room.
while you are on the right side.
spikes to the left sides which you cant cross without a key.
locked key door to the door.

yep, you softlocked the game :-)
and r will jsut respawn you at that spot, so it doesnt help either :-)

nevermind. you can get to the left with a well timed jump.
better close that 1 tile gap there though :-)


I'll get working on a bug-free version this week-end thanks to all the QA I got from the jam players :)


It's an amazing game, it took me 45 minutes to finish it and it was 45 five minutes of fun and brain-blowing, the puzzles are clever, the level design is precise, congrats for this awesome game !


You can get stuck in the wall in the last room :(

Do you have a screenshot of this?


woah ok, I haven't seen THIS happen yet 0.o


the power chord reset point is mispositioned. (resetting/dying after power chord puts you in this position)


Looks good, too bad it easily causes crash in my browser

Aside of that, it would be better if room locks only opens if player touches key to the lock while moving toward the lock, not just touching, to prevent accidental room changing

And it would be better if there's info or something to tell player what eachpowerup does. I had to ponder for some time before figured out what the first one does

Last, tell player that they can retrieve key at checkpoints


Yeah, I forgot about the checkpoint thing. THere are many informations I wanted to make clear with no words, just the level design. This was not one of them :/

This is *really* impressive! A metroidvania is no small feat and you made one in 2 days! The key mechanic is really creative.

Thanks for playing :) I put my soul into this game.

The softlocking issue has been fixed :)

I have a problem. When I restart, my key is always tilted down so I'm forever stuck. :(

Yeah, I guess restarting in the very first room causes a bug T.T

Unfortunately, I'm not going to be able to fix it since the jam is over. I'll have to wait for the voting period.

You can try refreshing the page to restart this room instead.


Thanks for playing :)

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