The goal of this game is to escape to one of the edges of the level using block-pushing mechanics.  The level is a 100*100 grid and you start at the center. This was made for tweet tweet jam 3, the goal was to code with as few characters as possible. There is also a sequel which you can play here.


Mouse only. Click around your character (the @) to move it.  Move towards a block that has space behind it to push it.

The code: use any version of game maker or game maker studio and copypaste the following code in the draw event of an object that you place at the 0,0 position of a 256*144 room:

if x==0 {e=128 f=72 w=0 x=-1 y=x repeat 99 {x+=1 y=-1 repeat 99 {y+=1 t[x,y]=choose(0,1)}} x=49 y=x t[x,y]=0}
a=0 b=0 c=mouse_x-e d=mouse_y-f if mouse_check_button_pressed(mb_left) {h=abs(c) i=abs(d) a=(h>i?sign(c):0) b=(i>h?sign(d):0)}
if x<2 or y<2 or x>96 or y>96 w=1 else {
if t[x+a,y]==0 x+=a else {if t[x+a*2,y]==0 {t[x+a,y]=0 t[x+a*2,y]=1}}
if t[x,y+b]==0 y+=b else {if t[x,y+b*2]==0 {t[x,y+b]=0 t[x,y+b*2]=1}}
u=0 v=0 repeat 97 {u+=1 v=0 repeat 97 {v+=1 draw_text(e+(u-x)*16,f+(v-y)*16,t[u,v]==1?"X":" ")}}}


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0/10 no arow key suppot

sry, arrow keys take too many letters to code :p

Fair, but coding is knowing how to copy and paste stuff without braking games, and arrow key code is definitely free.

lmao love how the start is literally "run out of jail"

also i finished in like less than a minute .-.

Nice game! I have a suggestion. When starting a game create an effect of a booting into a console.

that would take too much code, I'm limited in characters :p



A nice twist on the Sokoban mechanics! :D


Nice! I hit the 'Win' state. :)


Congrats :)

It is a pretty fun game !


Thanks for trying it out :)



Very creative! I had fun!


thanks for playing :)