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The year is 14040 AD, and the sky is now lava.
A mysterious hooded figure ponders the meaning of life before getting engulfed in flames. But how did we get there? And why is the sky lava? To understand this we must go back in time, where everything started.

The playable characters

The hooded figure: A mysterious individual who is also the last person alive on the planet after the end of times. Tends to be regularly thrown into molten lava whenever the local god is angry, which is all the time.

ADMA: The very first man. Created by the local god who needed someone to experience their world. Powers include: bouncing off walls, throwing knives, making babies.
EEV: The very first woman. Created by tearing out one of ADMA's ribs while he was still conscious. Powers include: flying, teleportation, psychic lasers, making babies. Be aware that EEV Is allergic to solid objects.

 ABLE and CNAIN: The sons of EEV and ADMA. They were both leading very happy lives, until CNAIN absolutely non-accidentally killed his brother. Because of this, CNAIN was condemned by his local god to eternally wander the earth and stay alive until the end of times.

MOOS: After many generations, God speaks to a man named  ABRACADABRAHM and  makes a promise, or covenant, with him to make his descendants into a great nation and to give them a great land. ABRACADABRAHM shows strong faith in God, and God seals his promise with a number of signs and tests. This special covenant with God passes on to ABRACADABRAHM’s son, ISAAAAAAAAAAAC, and to his grandson, JACOOB. Together, they represent the patriarchs, or fathers, of the ISTHEELITE people. JACOOB’s twelve sons move to IJIPT after the youngest brother, JOJO, miraculously becomes a high official in IJIPT. The descendants of JACOOB’s children have become a vast people, but the Pharaoh of IJIPT holds them in slavery. God chooses one man, MOOS, to rescue the ISTHEELITES.  Inciting God’s wrath, the ISTHEELITES wander the wilderness for forty years in search of the promised land. MOOS continues his legendary leadership and miracles, until his death at the hands of 2TERONOMY. BTW this is 2TERONOMY, there is a boss fight with him at some point:

JIZZUS: The son of god. Powers include: walking on water, multiplying breads and fishes, kickstarting MLMs and pyramid schemes. Does not mix well with crosses.

PlatformsWindows, HTML5
Rated 5.0 out of 5 stars
(3 total ratings)
GenrePlatformer, Adventure
Made withGameMaker
Tagsbad-game, frustration, god, Horror, iwbtg, masochism, religion, Singleplayer, Time Travel


the sky is 14 MB
the sky is 7 MB

Install instructions

don't download or launch any of those files.


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Why is it tagged as iwbtg

because it's very hard


What the hell did you make me play XD  T_T ... This is way too much GM6 glitches XD. I  can't even get past the instant death hole in the 1st level

everything is working as intended :p

if you give up on playing, you can check the included playthrough video !


I watched it right after posting my comment. I am glad i didn't continue this abomination XD.  I loved that Evee has a frame with wrong transparency XD

"Recommended for you" Je dois leprendre comment adrien ?

L'algorithme a décidé que tu aimes les jeux pourris l'algorithme a toujours raison!

wonderfful gaem1!!!11!!!!!!!111!!!11

no u

this gaem is good i like that the challenge is ing controls ad and the storxyu is very good
eveeee was my favorute chrcter becase sahe had lazor vizion

i al o liked talking to god because he was relatvable


very relate

(1 edit) (+1)

I played this 3 times.

Screenshot or it didn't happen

Unfortunately i forgot to screenshot it. u_u