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I actually made an imaginary game like this in Notepad and played it with some friends a very long time ago. Fun to mess with them a little. It actually made me want to come back to this. If you want, I can give you ideas on enemies and areas for a sort of sequel! Or maybe you could make a kind of editor for this game? Overall, I love this game, and I love how it spirals out of control, and I hope to see more of it!

I probably won't make a sequel, because I would not be sure what to add after fighting literal gods :p

No editor either but the source files are freely available if you're using game maker studio 2! (which happens to be free as of last week)

Was it a lot of coding to make this game work? If so, I will not be able to do it, because I barely know coding, like, at all.


You can just change the text and numbers to make new things :) there is code, but not a lot!

Well, shoot, it seems I won't be able to make any since I don't see anything about GMS2 being free. I think I missed my shot when I saw your post, which was a month or two after you replied. Whoops.


Amazing. Nothing left to steal :(

Great ideas! It took me awhile to win because I didn't realize a certain buff could carry between battles - I *almost* had a working strat without this, but not one without some considerable luck...


how come I never left a comment for this game?

this game is awesome, the powercreep, the abilities, the combos, the cheese

wonder if we ever get a remaster or part 2

I know another dev has been working on a part 2 for a while, but I myself am not quite sure what I could add in a sequel X)


you should totally give them music you use

or even make a a new not so sneaky steal everything thief song


i just had a boring and sad day but while i was looking at gx games on the opera gx browser i saw this it made my day single handly great in fact that i found this site bc i was looking if there was a universal thief 2 or smh you need to add more content into the game or make a second version where you put more that just 2 days into it i bet if you would work on it for like 2 weeks it would be a lot better and most people would play it if they knew it was made by you 12/10 experience finished it 5 times and didnt have enough of high funny numbers im waiting for a second version or a big update come on you can do it (also i made an account just so i can express how much i liked the game)

thanks for playing :) the reality of gamedev is that is I spend 2 weeks on something it will actually be more like 2 weekends, so 4 days. A year spent on a project is around 60 days with no free time for myself. Time spent on a project has very diminishing returns :p 

damn it i was hoping for more gameplay for this game


That was ridiculous and I loved it. Thank you for the lovely experience.

Glad you liked my ridiculous experience :)

This is the best game I've ever played on itch it had me and my friends in suspense playing the last boss, the ending felt very fulfilling.

thanks for playing :)

how did you learn about this game?


I was scrolling on the web games for itch and this one just stuck out like a sore thumb (in a good way)

did you go all the way? :)

My new favorite game

thanks for playing :)

probably my fav game iv ever played on itch! 

glad you liked it :)

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Amazing game!! My favorite part was conquering Youranus ;D

Lol all jokes aside I LOVE this game, its seriously addicting and I managed to become the Almighty in just a few hours.
Theres something seriously satisfying about this, being able to cause more and more damage by stealing abilities. The boost is ABSOLUTELY broken and its the most satisfying thing ever omg i cannot get enough of seeing the ridiculously high numbers.
The plot progression was super enjoyable and the funny writing made my day XD I'd recommend this to anyone. Plus the artwork looks kinda goofy but pretty in its own way ngl. 
(Edit: OMG I didnt realize the art was done by Shinlalala one of my recent fav devs too- the coincidence I got this game recommended right after i played his is crazy)

10/10 My satisfication is immeasurable and my day is perfect :> Amazing concept

Oh wow, glad you like both of our works :) how was this game recommended to you btw?


I was discussing abt browser games with a friend and he told me this was a good one to pass the time ^^

Cool :)

I am asking, because I noticed a sudden influx of players so I was wondering if there was a tangible cause for it :p


Wow, who's Shinlalala . :p
Happy you liked the game ^^


Finally, I figured out how to beat it! That was so much fun.

glad you liked it :)


I crashed the game, I used copy after the stopsign used go


oh no. This is the bug I never fixed T.T

The space exploration theme reminds me of this track

Yup! This was one of my inspirations for the bass line!

since I can't upload videos in mp4 form you can just wait for a while until premier ends and see the big nums!

that's a lotta damage

the multiplier i decided to end onthe damage

good numbers


Deleted 175 days ago
Deleted 175 days ago

this was crazy fun. I literally spent hours finishing this game and its 4am now. I dont regret it tho lol thanks for making this.


Glad you had fun :)


I am about to be awake until 4AM as well

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idk if you remember me from newgrounds (you responded to some of my comments: why is this in the queer games bundle im curious. also, is it wrong that i know exactly what color palette this is? (sweetie 16)


Heyya, it's because everyone in the team is queer :)

oh nice :D


Beating the ??? Stage took a few tries. Did the Fenrir to lock them down and double Nidhogg.

Was so worried about them using the same move twice and just losing. Didn't realize that the highlighted move is the next move until this comment: Thought the AI was just made to be dumb and wants to unlock all its moves first.


congrats on beating this :))

Came from the Best GMTK 2020 Games.

Not sure what Identity theft is good for, but I'm only in the second Office.

oh wow yeah I was in the top 100 after all :o

끝을 볼 때까지 멈출 수 없었습니다. ㅠㅠ 재밋게 했어용.

제 게임을 재미있게 즐기셨다니 기쁩니다 :)

Hi! We played your game on stream and really enjoyed it!


oh wow, cool :) gonna watch this oen later! Thanks a lot for playing :D


I just randomly got an insane stack of 8387684 with conquer boost and repopulate on my moveset that plane was a lifesaver i didn't even do no calculations anymore i knew it was gonna be a direct one shot for the all mighty.


wow, imagine killing God thanks to a combo between the indomitable spirit of mankind and a few cups of coffee :o


came back to this game after a long time and right now i'm basically spamming boost to see how high the numbers can go. so far i'm at around 7.9e+28

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I had so much fun playing this game! Such a fun concept, and the surprises kept coming. Loved the feeling of rapid power gain during the city and politics sections, but the last couple of sections were legitimately challenging puzzles.  Thanks for making and sharing it :)


thanks for playing :)

this game is good 10/10 had fun


thanks for playing :)


Not sure if it's entirely intended, but you can maintain a Boost if your enemy Explodes and kills themselves for you. This means that if you just grab Jormungander from The Mighty, go to the coffee machine or some other thing with Explode, Boost once, and then wait for it to can then instantly go to The Almighty and kill him in one turn. Which is a little silly, but fun.  

You can also use this strat to kill The Mighty in the first place; just Boost until you have a sufficiently silly damage number to kill it and wait for the coffee machine or printer to Explode. My favorite way to do that is to just have hilarious amounts of health and Conquer, so it only takes one or two Boosts to take him down.


yup, that is intended, congrats on figuring it out :)
There actually are a few speedrun videos using this strat, haha

69 hp nice


idea: while we have a certain president in office for the President's sprit, his heal move could be Forget, which does the same thing as Land but with different flavor text, like "the President forgot his pain (and his moves)"

amazing strategy


Really good game and all. Even though i think i found a bug.But the game crashed after i fought one of the moons. And when i spammed Sacebar to move quickly to the next Moon Fight it just turned Blackscreen. Music is working and its still the space fight theme. But"R"aka. reset doesnt work. Would be cool if this could get fixed.

ah was it in anyway related to the move "copy"? I probably should remove that

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actually not. setup was gravity boost and second term. But maybe its because of the web version? And it then crashed as soon as i used gravity.

that is indeed weird

please help i dont know where to go

You need to turn yourself into a plane, Cueball.

i killed it ;-;


you can press R to restart the room and it will respawn :)

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so i got to the wise, the damned, the powerful, etc. but i cant beat any of them :((((

i forgot to switch star bomba to gravity :(((((

You can try looking around for other powers, I recommend a coffee machine for BOOST :)
Also, the most important one to beat is the damned, to get FENRIR.

Star bomba the powerful it might fail a few times if you have enslave use enslave on the powerful and just grind it down and switch its attack with star bomba.

i went to go fight a door and it crashed ;-;


I used copy after a enemy had just used "go' and the game crashed :V

yeah it happens a lot :/

I "accidentally" spammed boost and then used explode and I think I killed the almighty and the entire universeIf your wondering, the last time I took a picture of the boost modifier it was at 

Damage  x4503599627370496.00


that's a lotta damage 0.o

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If anyone wants an incredibly slow way to kill the almighty: Start with Gravity and Boost and Terraform. It is possible to kill the powerful steal their health then go to the wise and and steal either Fenrir or Jormungandr, I forgot which one it was then get the other one from the one at above the almighty, I also forgot the name, then go to the almighty then use Fenrir to turn the Ragnarok's into go then (make sure to use Fenrir until next happens) wait until it highlights a go then use Jormungandr to regenerate all health then follow the same procedure of using Fenrir until the next move is a highlighted go then use gravity to slowly kill the almighty, make sure to check if its highlighting a go before using Gravity.

Edit was just to change some letters and move around text.

cool strat :)

youranus best id


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This is a really fun game! I hope it gets a sequel or an update so the fun can keep going. I understand if you don't want to make new stuff for this game, though.

Hey! Unfortunately I don't plan on making a sequel. However, a similar engine is used for this super secret project I am working on:

Alright, well, I completely understand. While looking up your game, I found someone else is making a mod of your game and it looks like a completely different game. It only has a demo, but I hope to see more of it in the future. Good luck with your projeçt!

ah yes, you mean Ultraninja :) Not sure if it's discontinued or not, but the mod is very cool!


If I knew coding, I could try my hand at trying to make my own Universal Thief mod, but I suck at coding. And if I could draw pixel art as well. Anyways, this is a fun game, and I hope you expand upon it in the future!

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I copied the photocopier which was using copy and accidentally caused an endless loop of photocopying

yeah this one is a known bug

i am stuck at mayor

I suggest getting boost (from a cop) and then thrash (from a trash can) .

Against the mayor, use boost 4 times and then thrash.

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I was going to write a whole comment about how The Almighty wasn't possible for reasons that none of you get to hear anymore but it boils down to me misreading the description of Nidhogg

This might be my favorite jam game ever. The story is really cleverly worked in for a game with no dialogue boxes, as you start as a lowly intern and grow stronger and possess cars and fight the... leader of China and destroy gods and become all-powerful. I mean wow. The bit with the plane is really clever and took me a minute to figure out. The strategy with which abilities you get is really neat, although Rally/Conquer, Boost, and Close will get you through basically all battles before the last few. The bit with the planets is awesome in every way; playing as Youranus is the pinnacle of gaming. Playing as really random things like street signs and doors is also really funny, especially since I fought The Almighty as a printer. And finally, this game is not only massive but massive and polished and I'm shocked that this wasn't expanded in an update because there's no way this was made in 48 hours.

Congratulations on making the most mind-boggling jam game of all time. Universal Thief deserves every second I'm putting into writing this. Which is a lot of them.

And while I was writing this I had possibly the dumbest question ever: What are The Almighty's pronouns?


hey, thanks a lot for the review :) This game was made with our heearts and souls, I'm glad you had fun! It was made in 48 hours (except the music, which was made beforehand by myself from other games I made), and then I spent a few hours occasionally the following week to iron out bugs and polish things.

The almighty's pronouns would be they/them!

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So g00d! And doors are too powerful.

yeh doors are mighty beings

The game likes to “hold the door”.


Is "The Powerful" the entity that ends reality on your previous games? since they use attacks in an "X" shape to destroy anything on it's path in 2 of your games and on this game they have an "X" on their face, as well as a move that is meant to destroy anything no matter anything's health, just something i've wondered as soon as i saw them


the powerful is just one aspect of the almighty :) basically a world-specific global god in each game. They will have similar goals and properties.

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