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I used recycle on the enemy's go and it crashed my game. Was enjoyable though.

oh no

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After stealing the Mayor's ID, I got to the level with the island, the city, and the plane. I didn't steal the plane's ID, thinking I could just be the mayor, and I had to restart. Other than that, great game with fun combat.

you can use R to restart the level, also leaving the game and coming back loads your save

thx, also, nice to see someone replay to the comments even if they no longer work on the game. Amazing game, and I did manage to make it to the gods, couldnt beat them, but  still.

Yeah I try to keep up with comments, they are the reason why I make games :) glad you liked it!

so i used copy the enemy used copy if you do the math you know i found a loop

yeah my game can break sometimes X) it's a jam game after all


idea for challenge pick a identity then stay as the identity's move set until the final area good luck (i would try beating the game as a printer but the printer's attacks are basic i guess also you are allowed to get enemy's hp but you must stay with your moveset until final area)

That sounds like it would require a lot of luck and grinding X) 

unless you have complete the game with 10 hp just saying

yeah I did that one already X)


well me too


thanks :)

President used 2ND TERM!

This particular battle is beyond stupid.

I know right X)
So are most presidents.

just finished for the third time, current speedrun time 37:43

woah, nice time :)

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haha thanks! i'm no speedrunner but for some reason this game made me want to try :) new personal best 28:57

Okay, I desperately need help. I'm facing off against the mayor and I'm basically stuck because he keeps healing and none of my attacks that I had access to do more damage then his heal, and he does a heal every other turn

you can use eco-tax to divide his hp by 3 or use boost to boost your damage a bajillion times before attacking

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It one of the best game I have played . Are you still updating the game?If you are ,can you put an in game timer I love to speedrunning this game  but I did it without a timer so I love a in game timer to see how I did.


hey there, I will no longer work on this game, however a remake is being made bu UltraNinja, maybe check it out :)

Thank for the tips .




the best planet

I loved it, I'm definitely going to talk about it

thanks, I like it when people talk about my games :)

The game freezes if you use boost enough times lol. 
Great game though just don't sit there and spam boost lmao

yeah there's a certain power of 2 which breaks the game, I think it happens after you use boost 31 times or something.

Holy moly! This game is awesome! I mean, I suck at RPG's, but it was still a enjoyable experience regardless!!!

I designed it more like a puzzle game than an RPG :)


Absolute insanity, exactly what I wanted from "out of control"

thanks for playing :)


Became an intern, beat up my CEO, worked my way up, defeated lesser deities, stole their powers, defeated god, then stole his identity.

10/10 wouldnt touch ever again

Nice journey :)

I've been playing for a while trying to get through one segment, and the mecha goon keeps using recycling and i have land, and when they use recycle they use GO sometimes and that crashes the game :/

oh right I hadn't thought of that interaction. Try to avoid the mecha goons I guess? :/ Or steal another healing ability. What recycle does is reuse the last healing ability used.

I'm not sure if this is a bug, but you can carry over boosts to the next battle so long as you don't attack the enemy (such as they explode).

This was a bug but also it's a speedrun strat now so I am leaving it in :)

next update could be a button to check your current hp and can use healing attacks without going into battles

The would be a bit OP I think. Coz in normal RPGs you have limited MP/ inventory, here there is no such thing!

ok how about a hard mode setting cuz the game is too easy

Try this for hard mode:


I Have Returned And Have Done It I Have Beat The 1 hp challenge that was long

woah nice job! Was it fin?


10/10 you can fight the almighty god of the universe as an intern.

OP intern!

This game was awesome

thanks :D


The creator should expand i

Maybe if I have time one day I'll work on a similar project :)

The incremental games by adriendittrick are always a blast, and this one is much of the same; the different combos you can build up are great fun, and it's super satisfying to absolutely obliterate everything. The sprites are charming, too, and I especially like the flavour text of attacks.

The only issue I had was with the final area. At that point, I found the only way I could beat the final boss was with Nidhogg and Fenrir, and it did rely a bit on RNG, since it had to not pick the same move two times in a row . It was a shame to say goodbye to Boost, too ;(

Other than that, though, I loved this little game! Great work.


Thanks a lot for the thoughtful review :)


There is actually another way to beat the almighty, though it was a bit of a bug exploit. When you fight an enemy with explode, if you keep on boosting before it explodes, your boost will carry over to the next battle. So you can boost twice at the printer and just gravity the almighty to kill it.

oh, found a glitch, If you attack an enemy too soon after attacking one already you get frozen on the attack screen. you can still restart from here though. easy to do on the space level if you overlap with two moons and spam click where the attack button will be.

final world is easy enough once you figure out what order to fight the gods

there are also ways to exploit tiny enemy mechanics (like coffee) to build up extreme combos!

I don't think I will ever play a game that will top this.

ah did you try the multiple boosts thing? :p


Yep. That intern probably just exploded.

I actually thought this was a lot of fun!! :D :D I enjoyed the concept a lot and thought it was a blast getting to the very end, until I became the almighty hehe. 


being the almighty is a big responsibility!


I found the game boring since last office level. However, I saw many comments saying that's a good one. I continued playing and eventually I met the final boss. Fighting it is not boring but simply annoying. Even if I get the right abilities, it would still take me about 2000 turns to win while making sure the enemy can't use it's one-hit-kill abilities. I really wanted to find a reason to call it a good game but I've only wasted time.

Sorry, I only had 2 days to make that one, so it might not be on standard with normal RPGs :p
The core gameplay is about discovering broken big brain combos. For instance using coffee to double your attack power with a move that removes half of the enemy HP. Sorry for wasting your time!

Could you add a way to get all moves in the final level?

This is very funny and imaginative!

Thanks :)


Finished. Very satisfying!


Glad you had fun with it :)
Since we're under lockdown here, I will probably have more time to make another game like this, stay tuned! (also consider joining my discord server if you wish to be informed about upcoming games)




I loved this! Especially considering it was made in a jam... :D :D

If you were to further develop I would love to see ID stealing form part of the gameplay proper (I actually chose to be the plane by luck and then realised that would have been the only time it was a material choice).  In my first playthrough I thought that the ID was going to be relevant so I decided to be a coffee machine to see if the manager was less eager to fire me. Turns out he still really wanted to fire me. 


hey, thanks for the nice review :) 

I didn't have that much time to implement the ID stealing part yes, maybe it will get more fleshed out in another game!


interesting idea!

me uh uh into the ground you manhole



Love the game! I think I crashed it though - music is still going but the screen has gone black and unresponsive.

I had the moveset of Pummel, Copy, and Close, and I was up against a Stop Sign. The Stop Sign used Stop on my Pummel. I used Copy to use Stop on their Stop move (turning it to a Go move).

The Stop Sign then used Go to return their Go move back to their Stop move. I wondered what would happen if I used Copy. I tried it, and the text did get to the point of describing 'You use Copy. You use Go' but then, like I said, black unresponsive screen.

Very fun otherwise!

ahyeh i need to fix that



This is actually one of if not my most favorite game for the 2020 GameJam. I am surprised this game isn't further up. I really hope this gets worked on more and can be expanded. That's not to say this game is without it's flaws tho.
1. The randomness really makes the game better in most cases, the true last phase completely ruins it. While I understand the idea is to defeat the 3 lesser gods to defeat the final god that doesn't excuse the fact that it is stupid annoying. Power god can 1 shot you if he does boost then his attack (I forgot the name). Healing God can 1 shot if he uses his attack and Special God is just plain annoying.

2. There is literally no point changing your ID. Excluding being forced to change your ID on bosses. Out of the entire game the only point where you ever have to change your ID is in the 2nd level of Political life, where you have to become the plane to get across the water.

3. There really isn't much replayability, sure you can try a variety of different sets but it's literally impossible to beat parts of the with just any move. On top of that, once you beat the game every way possible there isn't really a reason to ever play the game again.

4. The final god bossfight is literally the easiest fight in the game, I mean sure you could try to beat it without the other 3 god's powers but from my playthroughs that is impossible. There is literally no point to the fight.


1. For the power god, change boost to a different special move. For the healing god, i'm not sure. For the special god, you could change Fenir to change every move except for the previous move into GO. Or for all 3 you could make it less likely they uses their respective god move.

2. Give every (or at least some) enemies a unique feature that allows you to a certain thing you could not previously do. (Like how planes can fly) The make it required to change your ID into something else to continue.

3. While i'm not entirely sure, I do have some ideas. You could add a Hard Mode where it's like before the update (Stealing half HP and not able see what the enemy does next). Adding some form of endless mode or even adding optional stuff like collectibles and achievements.

4. Make thee boss's moves unable to be turned into go and give other (new) moves instead of just everything be instant kill, maybe for a good twist even make it so it attacks first instead of you.


Overall, this is a really fun RPG game with a very unique twist but I would really like to see these things fixed/changes and just have the game be generally expanded. Also if you want, I personally really would like to help with this game or even just modding the game. So if you don't mind, consider either sending me current source code on either Discord (UltraNinja#1666) or via e-mail ( or updating the source code you have for download.

Boost is broken. ended up getting 100 damage
Also not sure if its the end of the game but after the citys i get stuck with nowhere to go.

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Yea, also stuck. Maybe we shouldn't have killed all those innocent citizens. Bad karma ...

/edit: Figured it out - no bug.

(use to decrypt).

Tip 1: Lbh pna fgrny vqf ...

Tip 2: Guvf vf gehr rfcrpvnyyl sbe cynarf, juvpu pna syl ...

Tip 3: Naq lbh pna erybnq gb trg vg onpx vs lbh nyernql unir xvyyrq vg.

Deleted 1 year ago

Boost is actually working perfectly as intended :)
after the city you have to defeat the mayor to progress. He's in the third city map. Also, you eventually need to steal the ID of a plane to cross water.

U have to use the Plane's ID to fly over the water

neat idea, good mechanics. dont see a reason to change ID

When you beat a "world boss" you're given no choice but to change ID which moves you to the next world, other than that it's mostly aesthetic other than one point halfway through where you must take the ID of a standard enemy to be able to continue.

This game is pretty simple but it's really cool. I just think the end is reeeeeally bad. Like, it's the idea of it is really cool, but the execution basically relies on luck entirely!

When I FINALLY got extremelly lucky and got Nidhogg and Jormungandr, getting Fenrir is super easy, but then! I used fenrir on The Almighty, he unlocked one of the "GO"s, I used Nidhogg and guess what? He used the only Ragnarok he had! It took me like, half and hour to get to him and when I finally do, this happened?! Sorry but I had to rage quit the game at that point.

Still, the concept is really cool, and seeing how absurd things start to get is pretty fun, I just wish I could see the ending.

sorry! It will get easier in the post-jam version :)

star bomba hurts my ears :(

that's intended :p

I had  bug. 2 enemies attack me at once and after the first battle second started but after my attack game freeze 

woops, will have to fix this in the post-jam.

Been thinking more about my issues with the game . I think the main problem is in the latter half, there's no strategy. Or rather, any strategy other than the intended one will get you killed. I gave up after the final fight one shot me (I had the moves but often instinctively double click going into battle and accidentally clicking a move I didn't mean to) because the final fight wasn't even a fight, there was no strategy, just "do the one thing that is guaranteed to kill him", more of an easy puzzle than strategy. Not to mention if you take a wrong path you have to grind up all over again. Like, why? It's not that I don't know what to do, but either I'm locked in with a bad moveset and it's just a case of RNG, or I've got the moveset and it's just a case of doing it despite how mindless it is by that point. 

Sry if this comes across as harsh, but this game has an enjoyable factor that mean all the issues are so much more bitter. 

yeah, the post-jam version will have better balance :)

love the game <3
awesome job

Thanks a lot for playing <3

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