A downloadable 9 10 doh nightmare

A magnificent adventure in which Dario fights the evils of Jill gates accompanied by all his friends! Was created a decade ago, reuploaded on itch.io because our daddy 9 10 doh doesn't like it being on gamejolt.

HD version by Fazana: https://fazana.itch.io/910-nightmare-dx

Rated 5.0 out of 5 stars
Tagsdmca, lawsuit, mario, nintendo, supmaster004, zelda

Install instructions

Download the .exe file and make sure your system is old enough to run this. Might not work on windows 8.


nintendo_nightmare.exe 8 MB
nintendo-nightmare.gmk 7 MB

Development log


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Wait so do you have to have Windows 7 for this game to work? 😂

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actually it works on most windows operating systems EXCEPT win7


actually it works on most windows operating systems EXCEPT win10


Actually it works totally fine on windows 7. It is only windows 8 that has the problem. Ignore pyramid head.

how do i fullscreen because i dont wanna replay the game on deluxe and work my way back to where i was




The HD version is available here btw: https://fazana.itch.io/910-nightmare-dx

Only one more day... Get hype everyone.

I saw you in that Game Jam and was suprised to find that you made this game. I remember playing it so long ago and ended up beating it a year ago finally after going out of my way to hunt it down. 

Awesome stuff, high quality shitpost.


2 years long shitpost as well :p

Thanks for playing! If you like my content, remember to spread the word!

This game makes me appreciate freeware. Especially with the effort the developer put into it.

Thx a lot :) This took 2 years of my life to make. Maybe consider checking my other games as well!

Of course! Anything to support a talented developer like yourself!


It still amazes me how this game is only 8 MB.


That's coz all the music is MIDI files :) they're very light.

This maybe also explains why the sound doesn't play on certain platforms.

Yes there is also a bunch of wasted space in making dungeons made of separate rooms and rooms that only serve as routers, lol.

(I think I know how that game is so small. It is even more amazing when one by accident x6’s the source code file size.)


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And yes Midi has a bug allowing for arbitrary code execution due to its format so it broke stuff. Removing the midis is.... on a to do list. One that will be never touched.


It miiight be because I'm playing the .exe file off of wine on Mac, but I don't hear any of the sound effects when I'm playing this game such as the star noise when pausing or the bomb sound effects or the Mario noises when text boxes pop up. Am I the only one having this problem?


Hmmm, I never actually tried this game on wine (coz I don't own a Mac)

is the framerate fine? (it should cap around 25 FPS)

it seems to be playing at max framerate (which is actually a surprise to me) but it's as if the sound effects are just not there? its really weird


Actually there is an issue where the game seems to start without sound all the time. I've been noticing it a ton lately. I don't know why it started doing that. Are you getting any sound or music? If not, try reopening the game. That might fix it.

I get music, but no sound effects, which is weird to me. 


Wasn’t this supposed to be getting a remake or something? I recall seeing a post about it on the gamejolt site a long time ago. I’m sure you have to keep that hidden lest Jill nuke it from orbit, right? Any chance you might add that though so we can play it?


one is currently underway by a duck friend of mine but it might take a while :p


is this the same as nintendo nightmare?




I rehosted it here because it got removed on gamejolt :)

(Not their fault, nintendo sent a DMCA complaint so they had to remove a bunch of games)