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"Branching Corpses" is a collaborative round robin of games, an exquisite corpse of games. Join us on discord to add your games to our ongoing timelines! The first game can be found here.

If you liked the music in this game, please consider supporting Gedrizz, (who composed most of it) on ko-fi.

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"The network" is a strategy game with a simple premise: Between the moment where you choose an attack and the moment where the attack happens, all enemies will have the time to move away. Make sure to block every possible outcome where they survive.

This game was created as a reversed take on "into the breach", and I highly suggest you play it. in this game, you are the powerful exterminators with highly telegraphed attacks, and your enemies are trying to buy time and run away.


  • 10 procedurally-generated levels
  • 5 enemy types
  • 3 playable characters
  • Leveling up
  • Original music by Gedrizz
  • 2 endings

This game is fully mobile-compatible as well so please try it on your phones! You can either launch it in browser or download the .apk android port which was made by by Poison Apple (@Andr3wRiv3rs)


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Really nice music & cool concept! The art is fun - pretty excited to see how all the different endings will work out :-D 

hey thanks for playing :)

There are only 2 endings in this specific games, but you can check our entire collection to see all other outcomes!

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This is an insanely cool proof of concept, not just because you took from an excellent source but because I never thought about a grid based game where characters could be anywhere on the map and attack on the same turn like this.

I do think it's difficult to understand the enemy rules, but I do like that the enemies end up making me kill my own guys, which makes me feel really dumb.

Thanks for playing :) if you liked my game, please share it with your friends!

Also I might release a future version which lets you mouse hover on enemies to see their possible movement patterns.

It's awesome, congrats !

thanks for playing :)