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What is this?

This is a collaborative round robin of games, an exquisite corpse of games. Join in to add your games to our ongoing timelines! If you want to take part in this project, we recommend that you join our discord server: discord.gg/ggqZ2c4 

Also, consider following our twitter account: https://twitter.com/branchedcorpses

We also have a  wiki: https://branching-corpses.fandom.com/wiki/Branching_Corpses_Wiki

The rules:

  • Each game must be browser-based for easy navigation between games with URLs
  • Window size must be 1024x576, but actual resolution can be whatever you want (for instance 512x288 for a more retro feel)
  • Each game follows one of the endings of a previous game and continues the timeline from there.
  • The minimal amount of endings is 2: "the player wins" or "the player loses", you are free to add more endings if you see fit.
  • Everything that happened in the previous games of your timeline MUST be respected. Do not retcon anything in your timeline.
  • Link to the previous game in your game's description page.
  • List all endings on the game's description page and link to the next games in the series if asked to.
  • Make the source code and ressources of your game available (typically by uploading a zip file of your projet folder)

General guidelines:

  • Don't spend too much time on a game. Ideally each game should be coded in 2 or 3 days.
  • Join our discord server if you have any questions about timeline continuity: discord.gg/ggqZ2c4 
  • Mouse-only games are recommended but you can also add keyboard inputs. If you do, make sure to multiply inputs (a.k.a: arrow keys do the same thing as WASD an ZQSD for european keyboards) avoid controllers at all costs, because not everyone owns one.
  • Try to leave obscure elements in your endings. This has two advantages: it serves as a cliffhanger to get players more invested, and it allows more freedom for other devs.
  • Consider using the ressources that are already available from other games to speed up development

The flowchart:

The source code of this project can be opened with Game Maker Studio 2.


Base_engine_gms2_source.zip 5 MB


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