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This game was made by Adrien Dittrick for the I can't draw (but I want to make a game) jam.

This is a collaborative round robin of games, an exquisite corpse of games. Join us on discord to add your games to our ongoing timelines! The first game can be found here.


  • @_LCPM (CoffeeBeanGames) 
  • @Sterling-SilverBlaze
  • @Nomron

The source code is made available and anyone can use its contents to make further games in the branching corpses series. If you liked the music used in this game, you can find more of it here: https://soundcloud.com/adrien-dittrick


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GMS2 source code 14 MB


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Pretty good, I started to get wrist cramp... lol.. 

Sorry for that :p

Played through it and I thought it was pretty good, I love how the bad art ties in with the actual story! The gameplay is fun, kinda reminds me of Irritating Stick, although some of the levels seemed a bit too difficult, haha. Thankfully you don't have to beat them all to win.

Hey, thanks for playing this :)

I tried lowering the difficulty, thank my beta-testers for that :p

Cooool game! But i couldn't make it lol.

Stay tuned for the next game which will feature this ending!


Obviously the best on I can't draw (but I want to make a game) jam.

Heyyy, thanks for playing it :D