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Prep-school horrors is a minimalist bullet hell RPG set in a prep-school before the end of times. You play as a class of students who are being prepared to face the approaching outer gods who wish to end the world.

Fight progressively harder battles and solve abstract riddles to get strong enough to kill the end. Will you be the one who saves the world, or will you end up as food for the outer gods?



  • 28 randomly-generated students
  • Bullet hell battles
  • Leveling up
  • 3 exams and then one final exam
  • No save system
  • Guest music vocals by Ica:



  • Keyboard: WASD/arrow keys to move.
  • Mobile/mouse: click a corner of the screen to move in that direction.


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Hi! I love this game, and I was wondering if there is a place where I can access the music to it, because I really like it. 

On a separate note, I love the gameplay mechanics. The feeling of assembling a huge party is really great, and I love the story too.

ok can I have the soundtrack though

hey :) most of the music can be found on my soundcloud:








thanks a lot for playing :D