This game was made in about an hour. Royalty free music used: 
Gunnar Olsen - Trancer

You are a slug in a slug night club. You want to get some (obviously non-alcoholic) beverages. Stay on the dance floor and get those drinks, but watch out for other slugs and their slippery slime trails! Tell me your hi score in the comments :)

Hover your mouse to move around. This game is also mobile compatible!

The request ^

Game Maker Studio 2 source code is available to download!


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t 22


good score!

I had trouble understanding the fight mechanics but I like the mood.


disco mood

Cute as heck !!! The endearing slug animations and the dance floor simple and fun. With music featuring a little Gunnar Olsen nice.

thanks for playing :D

what a slugfest

I know, right! Which one was your favorite slug?


so true!


World Record Babyyyyyyy


ur such a good slug

(1 edit) (+1)

I finally got the hang of when you get slippery. That was intense.

A New Slug King Awakens


actually hold up *takes the crown off your head immediately*

My current hi score