This game was made for the TPS Official Game Jam.
It took about an hour to make.

The Theme: Death helps you

  • Q: The jam is a week long, U sure u don't want to do more?
  • A: No, I don't.
Rated 4.0 out of 5 stars
Made withGameMaker: Studio
Tagsdead, death, deathmatch, Horror, Perma Death


no it doesnt _ 2 MB


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i found a way to play even after dying WITHOUT incognito

woah, how did you do that? :o

It's called "Blocking Cookies" But now i can't comment normally great

i see!

You made your point.

no problem

Lmao, the game crashed on the browser

it happens

This seems related to Buddhism but I might be vanilla pudding

it's  a very religious experience yes

Should say "watch out for enemy". 


true! I intended to add more of them as time passes but didn't have time to implement that. Also I thought it would be funny to just have the player die on purpose when they're bored :p


You can play it again and again in incognito mode. 


oh I hadn't thought of that!
No cookies 4 me



Wow, yay i wanted to play more!!!

Sorry, it wasn't designed to be played more :/


Hahaha but incognito mode just found out about it :D 

The scary thing about it is that even after i reloaded it,the game still said i was dead O.O 10/10 would play again if i could....


You can never play again ._.


Hello I made a little video on this game.


hey! sorry for the short experience X)

The music goes well with the game. It feels like an important character dying in a movie.

The most realistic videogame portrayal of death

Also consider trying another realistic game of mine, Realistic war simulator: