As requested, here is GTA VI but I only had an hour to make it.
Share your top scores in the comments!

The request ^


Download 264 kB


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thx :)


0/10 didn't say wasted when you get a game over

oh no

My Score Was 7 qwq But, Anyways Once More Checking Your Games Have Been Fun And I Encourage You To Make More Games 

Will do!

Wonderful! c:


detroit simulator

I've never been to detroit but it seems accurate, yes!

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bruh gta6 is 4k era

they will just make gta V 2

I'd need an army though


Tu as eu combien de points? :p

Je sais pas XD en vrai en 1h c ouf, après je meurt juste toutes les 10 secondes. 

what a troll game :P


I know right :D

:D :D :D Anyways it took some time to make loooool :D


about one hour!

a masterpiece

thx I'll try making more.





This game is easier when you aren't in a car. And those arrows are very ambiguous.

it's easier but slower :p

This definitely deserves the title GTA 6; it's way better than GTA 5!

thanks :)


this is GTA 6 yes!


thx for playing :)

This is like bumpers cars with a loss condition and no time limit. I want multiplayer battle royale mode now, to see how the players would behave.


that would take way more than one hour to make though.

Yes I got too excited.

really interesting ! Doing this in 1 hour is really good! Well done to you  :D

thanks :) what was your score?


my score was 12 ^^

I am unable to tell the difference between this and the real GTA series


They're the same game.