I tried making Starcraft but I only had 3 hours. This improved version effectively took 5 hours to make (3 hours to reach a state with only terrans, 2 hours to add the other races and do a bunch of testing)

Update 1.1:

  • Added protoss
  • Added zerg
  • Improved enemy AI

How to play:

  • Left click: select unit (you can also hold down left click to draw a rectangle and select multiple units)
  • Right click: move towards position/set building waypoint
  • Build a healthy mix of your 2 unit types to win. Build only workers and the AI will rush you, build only soldiers and your economy will suffer.

GMS2 source code is available to download

PlatformsWindows, HTML5
Rated 5.0 out of 5 stars
(2 total ratings)
Made withGameMaker: Studio
TagsReal-Time, Real time strategy, Short, starcraft, tactics


starcraft_bioh1h_GMS2source.zip 154 kB
starcraft_bioh1h_exe.zip 1 MB

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ajoute nous une minimape pls :3

ça demande du boulot ça X)

Very good MVP! Love this. I defeated the other team, but I had to mine out the whole map because they got a much bigger marine ball before me.


I was surprised you included some extra features such as rally points in this version.

rally points are super easy actually! just change starting unit objective.

game now includes protoss and zerg

Nice, I tried out some of the new matchups! I think Terran is the best (mostly because they can shoot while moving), then Zerg, then Protoss. Though, I managed to beat Terran by building one Zealot ASAP and rushing with it.

All races can get good in the hands of a good player, but some of them are crazy in the hands of the AI for some reason X)


I committed genocide


it happens