A bonzai trimming game made in 1 hour.

Let your bonzai grow to earn more points, but don't let it reach outside the screen!

This game is mobile-compatible


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inscryption in 2 hours (if you want to)

could be fun!
I already made card hog in an hour which you can try here:

do you need card stats the sigils or are you playing the game on your free time?

i'm always free!

I have taht 3000 points tree that makes the game so laggy I have difficulties writing this comment or even scrolling on the page

Also is it just me or the bonzai tends to grow mainly on the right ?

it's random :p

if you cut mainly on the left it might grow mainly on the right


Nice. This is my tree around 1000 points. Then I tried to cut down the entire tree. It turns out that doing that is much, much harder than keeping the tree from reaching the edge as all the branches become microscopic! https://imgur.com/a/E040vUo

tiny branches are harder to cut, yes!