If you want more of this, consider playing the prequel here: https://adriendittrick.itch.io/there-is-nothing-here

There is nothing here!
There used to be something here!
This won't do!

I must rip open the void

What is this?

This game was made in 48 hours for Ludum Dare 45. Please rate it here: https://ldjam.com/events/ludum-dare/45/there-was-something-here

It is an idle game about rebuilding the world from scratch. This game is a sequel to another game I made: there is nothing here, link is above.


This game can be played only by clicking/tapping things, but later you will also be able to move with WASD/arrow keys or interact with spacebar. This game is mobile-compatible!

Game Maker studio source code is available to download!


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there_was_something_here_exe.zip 7 MB
there_was_something_here_gms2source.zip 8 MB


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it's true!

really awesome concept and amazing story/world building. 

Did you need any extra pixel artists? I am always up for joining in on projects and building a portfolio. 

I enjoy doing collabs yes :) currently doing one with @june-flower

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thats awesome to hear!  looking forward to seeing how your current collab comes out.

You can playtest it here: (password is SWORDFISH) https://adriendittrick.itch.io/saccharine-playground

I am getting major kirby/ mario odyssey Cappy vibes from it.

Love this as well! Really cool idea :)

thanks for playing it :)

i really enjoyed this

Thanks a lot for playing it :)

This is so clever! A genius little follow-up to the first game, I had a load of fun with this.

I'm obsessed with idle games for a start, so this immediately ticked that box for me, and the addition of the building and action elements enhanced the experience even more.

The basic premise of this game is to create a new world entirely from scratch, including giving your own bad self a new body to live in (a heavenly body, perhaps? I'm terrible...).  However, there is a lurking evil out there in the universe waiting to wipe out everything you put together!

I need to spend more time with this one I think because I feel like I could just sit for hours and build up my resources and I'm curious to see if the ever-angry God of Destruction can be stopped (I don't think so, but that ain't gonna stop me trying!).

So, if you like idle games that have a story built-in, give this amazing free game a play, you will not regret it! And as for you Adrien, keep up the awesome work =)

Thanks for the very nice video review :)

Also no, the angry god of destruction can't be stopped yet. But maybe in a future game, who knows? :p

maybe produce so much of everything tha he cant keep up with destroying it? :-D


He has unwavering determination though, as seen in the sequel game :)

gotta play the sequel then ;-)

yup :D

Wow, nice! :D

thanks for playing :)


I broke the prices by sacrificing enough friends to the time extractor so that the cost was 0.  It never went up again...


That's intended :)