If you want more of this, consider playing the prequel here: https://adriendittrick.itch.io/there-is-nothing-here

There is nothing here!
There used to be something here!
This won't do!

I must rip open the void

What is this?

This game was made in 48 hours for Ludum Dare 45. Please rate it here: https://ldjam.com/events/ludum-dare/45/there-was-something-here

It is an idle game about rebuilding the world from scratch. This game is a sequel to another game I made: there is nothing here, link is above.


This game can be played only by clicking/tapping things, but later you will also be able to move with WASD/arrow keys or interact with spacebar. This game is mobile-compatible!

Game Maker studio source code is available to download!

Rated 4.1 out of 5 stars
(47 total ratings)
Made withGameMaker
Tags1bit, Clicker, Horror, Idle, idle-game, Incremental, Ludum Dare, Ludum Dare 45, Minimalist, Tycoon
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My strategy is to find the friend hatchery, deposit friends, REPEAT

At this point I just know where it is on the map LOL


good strat :o

3 months later and I still remember!

4th attempt: 5:46.

Attempt 6: 4:54. Next goal: 4:30

Attempt 7: 4:06. That was unexpected

attempt 12-13: 3:52. Cosisitant gp = good

Do you have videos of those runs? :o

no, Also, is the final scene (The scene where the girl destroys the game)'s time is kept constant?

2nd attempt, 6:47. sub-5 definitely possible.

I can speedrun this~ 7 mins 31 seconds on first attempt

i really like this game also i really really like the song that plays is there anywhere i can download it?

you can end the game without doomsday clock, just spam the half thing

yeah, halving time is rounded up I think.


Me and my friends

Also 154 billion things


o wow


so they can't build when you die, huh


is there anyhting to do other than to wait for doomsday if you have built all of it???

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yeah most of the game is just waiting for doomsday


i managed to reach over 500,000,000 things

that is indeed a lot of things :o

I broke their record 

Oh, and I kinda broke the game

oh wow that's a lot of friends :o


Kinda like real life lol


don't let the uneventful beginning fool you, this game and its prequel are a great experience!.

love the music too ^^


thanks :)

you can find more of it here: https://adriendittrick.bandcamp.com/

I crash the whole game by simply having way too many friends.


having too many friends is the only way to truly win!

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same lol

adrian i found a glitch to make everything free

I found it too lol

(1 edit) (+1)

i think this should be the first one because it will make sense here is why

So It Started With Nothing Until One Of Them Wanted Nothing So (s)he made it nothing then the other one saw there was nothing (s)he said:

There is nothing here!

There used to be something here!

This won't do!

I must rip open the void

then the other one realized that was something so (s)he said:

There shouldn't be anything here

There is something here.

This won't do.

Get rid of it.


I Know This Is The Text adriendittrick typed I am Aware Of That But I Am NOT sure this is a theory this is MY side of view I am not forcing anyone to believe me I am Also not sure of my own theory.

(i bought a friend where is it)


that's a good theory :) (btw instead of using (s)he, you can also use the gender-neutral "they", that's what most of my god-like characters are referred as)


I love the idea of speed runs of this game! So much variety in such a short amount of time.

There are a few good speedrun strats for this one yes :)

wonder who's speedrunning this too?


it's true!


really awesome concept and amazing story/world building. 

Did you need any extra pixel artists? I am always up for joining in on projects and building a portfolio. 

I enjoy doing collabs yes :) currently doing one with @june-flower

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thats awesome to hear!  looking forward to seeing how your current collab comes out.

You can playtest it here: (password is SWORDFISH) https://adriendittrick.itch.io/saccharine-playground

I am getting major kirby/ mario odyssey Cappy vibes from it.

Love this as well! Really cool idea :)

thanks for playing it :)

i really enjoyed this

Thanks a lot for playing it :)


This is so clever! A genius little follow-up to the first game, I had a load of fun with this.

I'm obsessed with idle games for a start, so this immediately ticked that box for me, and the addition of the building and action elements enhanced the experience even more.

The basic premise of this game is to create a new world entirely from scratch, including giving your own bad self a new body to live in (a heavenly body, perhaps? I'm terrible...).  However, there is a lurking evil out there in the universe waiting to wipe out everything you put together!

I need to spend more time with this one I think because I feel like I could just sit for hours and build up my resources and I'm curious to see if the ever-angry God of Destruction can be stopped (I don't think so, but that ain't gonna stop me trying!).

So, if you like idle games that have a story built-in, give this amazing free game a play, you will not regret it! And as for you Adrien, keep up the awesome work =)

Thanks for the very nice video review :)

Also no, the angry god of destruction can't be stopped yet. But maybe in a future game, who knows? :p

maybe produce so much of everything tha he cant keep up with destroying it? :-D


He has unwavering determination though, as seen in the sequel game :)

gotta play the sequel then ;-)

yup :D

Wow, nice! :D

thanks for playing :)


I broke the prices by sacrificing enough friends to the time extractor so that the cost was 0.  It never went up again...


That's intended :)


Making the friends per minute ridiculously high so more are spawning than they can kill would most likely crash the game, which is technically and probably not intended, unless they stop spawning after they start destroying

nah that was definitely intended :)

Ok cool